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Looks like Ev got Blogger working again. How joyous. Let the blogging begin!

Before and After: a snapshot of collective digital consciousness. Life before and after digital.

Where I get to use the word “deconstruction”

Yugo Art: Car becomes artistic vehicle.

Silly, silly. The junction where art and literal "deconstruction" is a strangely wonderful place: something like the feeling one gets when they smash something with a large, ball-peen hammer. Ahhh.

Consume! Consume! Consume!

Who Would Buy That? Have you ever desired a John Wayne Gacy mouse pad? How’s about a Cowboy’s buttocks? Or would you prefer nothing?


CadgeCinema. Episodic tidbits of Schadenfreude for the attention-span deprived.

summer days

It’s glorious outside today; thank god for summer. Renée and I are busy getting the last minute preparations done for our trip to Europe. I’m starting to feel like a hyperactive kid right before Christmas who can’t wait to open his presents; anticipation is definitely half of the enjoyment.


How to fail at business without really trying. Oh god, this is so true. From evolt.org.

too bizarre

Cousin of Reign. Undeniably bizarre and one of the most frightening pictures I’ve ever laid eyes on. I feel funny now… [No, it isn’t porn, you dirty dog, you.]


Cruel Site of the Day. The Weakest Link? Bah, humbug.


Tolerance.org “Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance”. There’s tons of interesting and self-illuminating stuff here. I personally recommend the “Explore your hidden biases” psycological tests.

the end of the whole mess

¥ the end of the whole mess : Heartbreaking and unrefutable evidence that there are dangers in virtual intimacy.

By the way…

Oh, by the way, Renée and I just got back from our European vacation yesterday. Two glorious weeks of mind-blowing architecture, those oh-so-beautiful Europeans, soaring vistas, and way too much white bread and cheese. [sigh] - Not looking forward to trudging back to work this week. Jetlag, begone!

baggin’ it

Design for Chunks: “I was intrigued to see how other designers would illustrated the usually plain inflight sickbag…”

Jobs Unveils iGun

Jobs Unveils iGun: Even though this is slightly obvious, I still chuckled. Call me silly.

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